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Applying to Learning Steps Preschool

Typically developing peers will be admitted all year long, depending on space availability. 

Special needs children will be admitted all year long.

Typically Developing Peers

At this time, Learning Steps Preschool is accepting applications for Typically Developing Peers for the 2023-2034 school years. Please go to the link below to apply.

Learning Steps Preschool Typically Developing Peer Role Model Application

Suspected Disability

If you suspect your child has delays in the following areas, complete the Learning Steps Preschool Application below.

  • fine motor/gross motor skills
  • communication
  • cognitive/pre-academic skills
  • self help skills
  • social emotional/behavior skills

Learning Steps Preschool Suspected Disability Application

To apply to the Learning Steps Preschool you must be a resident of one of the following school districts: 

Bloom-Carroll Local School District
Fairfield Union Local School District
Liberty Union Local School District
Walnut Township Local School District